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By Kat Aguiar, Nobonita Bhowmik, Michelle Ehrhardt, and Oliver Hong


Cook-off is a competitive cooking card game. Combine ingredients to make recipes with the most stars to win. Each recipe requires ingredients from different food groups.


4x premade player decks, containing 3 technique cards each

4x Player Placemats

4x Discard baskets

100 Ingredient cards:

  • 19x Fruits
  • 19x Vegetables
  • 13x Grains
  • 13x Liquids
  • 11x Seasoning
  • 11x Meat/Poultry
  • 7x Seafood
  • 7x Dairy
  • 12x Tools

45x Recipe cards

25x Bonus/Negative star tokens

1x “Head Chef” Token (Wooden Spoon)


Board Setup:

  • Take 10 of each ingredient card, and organize them into separate face up piles. These ingredients make up the Shop.
  • Shuffle the remaining ingredient and tool cards into one deck. Then shuffle the recipe cards and put them in a separate deck.
  • Draw six cards from the recipe deck and put them face up in a row. These recipes are the Shelf.

Player Setup:

  • Each player takes one pre-made chef deck and shuffles it.
  • Each player draws eight cards from the ingredients deck and chooses 1 card to add to their deck. Then, they pass the remaining cards to the player left of them. Repeat this process until all cards are distributed.
  • All players shuffle their decks and place their decks on their placemat.
  • The player who most recently cooked something goes first. The first player takes the “Head Chef” token and puts it out in front of them. They are the Head chef, and begin the first round of the game.

Card Types:

  • Ingredients: Ingredients are cards you play towards cooking a certain recipe. When a player has all the required ingredients for a recipe in front of them on their turn, they may put those ingredients in their discard basket to cook that recipe.
  • Recipes: Recipe cards have up to three stars. Each recipe card has a list of ingredients that a player must have in front of them in order to cook the recipe. After cooking a recipe, they gain the number of stars indicated by the card. They leave the recipe card face up in front of the, to indicate this. Any recipes taken from the shelf are replaced by a new recipe from the recipe deck.
  • Techniques: Techniques are cards that are unique in each player’s starting deck. When a player plays a technique, that player does what it says on the card. Some cards are kept on the table after being played, others will be discarded after use.
  • Tools: Tools are cards that are found in the ingredient deck, and work just like  technique cards.

A Player’s Turn:

  1. The first turn in a round goes to the player who is currently head chef.
  2. On the start of a player’s turn, they draw 5 cards from their deck. If a player cannot draw 5 cards, they draw from their deck until it is empty, then shuffle their discard pile and place it face down in their deck space, and draw their remaining cards.
  3. That player can play up to three cards from their hand face up in front of them, or choose to Trade.

    Trading: Players may use their entire turn to trade two ingredient cards in their hand for an ingredient card of their choice in the shop. The two ingredients they trade are put into the shop, and the card they traded for is put in their discard pile.
  4. After a player plays their cards, they pass their turn to the left. The round ends when all players have completed one turn.
  5. When the round ends, the head chef draws cards equal to the number of players in the game, the  looks at the cards, takes 1 card of their choice and places it in their discard pile, and then passes the remaining cards to the left. This process repeats until there are no cards left.
  1. The player with the head chef token passes it to their left and the next round begins with the new head chef.

Game End:

The first player to gain ten stars on their turn wins the game.