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GAME DEVELOPED BY:  Temitope O., Michelle E., Nobonita B., Nova V.

Find yourself stranded in a world of deception and hidden alliances in DoubleTalk. Use honesty to find your allies, lies to avoid your enemies, and your cultural knowledge to craft clever clues. But watch out! You don’t know who is on which side.


  1. In the middle of the board is a “category card” labeled with 10 words, all of which belong to a single category.
    1. Example: The word “Chicken” is in the food category.
  2. Each word on the category card is numbered 1 through 10 and has a corresponding number card.
  3. At the start of each round, one player selects 2 pairs of face down numbered cards from the board at random. The player then shuffles the 4 cards face down and gives one to each player. These numbered cards represent each player's word for the round.
  4. Players then look at their “number card” without showing anyone and pick a player to start the game.
    1. Example: If the numbered card has 2 on it, and the word on the category card with the number 2 is “Eagle,” then your word is “Eagle”.
  5. On your turn, you can either:
    1. Give a one word clue about your word. This can be either truthful or deceptive, but be aware that too many lies may throw your teammate off.
    2. Reveal who you think your teammate is.
      1. To do this, turn to another player and start a 3-2-1 countdown. On 1, each of you flip your card. If your word matches the other player’s, then your team wins. If it does not, then your team loses.
  6. Additionally, at any point in the game, you may guess what you think another team’s word is.
    1. If the person you identify is an opposing player and you have successfully identified their word, the opposing team loses.
    2. If this person is actually your teammate, you have incorrectly identified them as an opposing player and your team loses.
    3. If this person is an opposing player, but you did not guess the correct codeword, then your team also loses.

     7. Once a round has finished, eliminate the words from the current round from play and begin a new round. Do this by placing the “number cards” from the round face up on the empty slots on the game board and repeat the shuffling process again, but without these cards.

    8. Scoring is not cumulative. Each round has an individual winning team, and rounds get harder as you go, but there is no overall winner once you’ve stopped playing. You simply play until you choose to stop, and enjoy the pride in winning rounds as they happen.

   9. If you wish to start from scratch, start these rules over again with a new category.


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