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Play With Me

A Game/Zine about wellness by Shak'ar Mujukian and Michelle Ehrhardt


Break out of your routine and look at the world around you with a more playful eye using this low-pressure, introspective zine full of games meant to help you be well.


Play With Me is one large game made up of many different games and many different players over the course of weeks, months, or even years. Players will keep zines full of tiny wellness games with them for as long as they need, and then when they feel they are ready, give them to other people when they are done. Eventually the zines will take on a Ship of Theseus-like quality: being artifacts of personalization, changed and replaced so often that they are at once both unique to their players and also entirely new pieces of their own.


- A copy of the zine

- Scissors, for some games

- Glue stick or tape, for some games

- Pencil, for some games

- Receipts, or any other materials required by the zine’s individual mini-games

- An open mind

Number of players: Varies, depending on the mini-game being played


Be well

How to play

Keep your copy of the zine as long as you feel you need. Follow the instructions in the foreward, afterward, and individual mini-games. Unless otherwise instructed by a mini-game, simply play when you feel the urge.


Play With Me (PDF version) 74 kB